Liebherr Sculi Diagnostic Software Test with Hardlock Dongle Clone

Liebherr Sculi

SCULI could be a comprehensive diagnostic tool for Liebherr machines. supported Associate in Nursing application framework the system offers totally different options and resources for Liebherr-specific software package plug-ins, that have a homogenous look, structure and handling. All info saved within the information assists the technical department in finding issues arising in follow. The system  suggests potential  solutions, that  facilitate  fault  fi  nding  as  well  as  service  and  maintenance. The  basic perform of the system is that the reference to the central management unit of Grus. Access is established via serial interface, local area network or electronic equipment.Key Advantages fast fi lupus erythematosus transfer•  Ease in checking input and output signals of CAN-Modules (Editor) instrument for messages from the central management unit•  Search perform for the message-database

SCULI PDR (Process information Reporting)By suggests that of “SCULI PDR” data from the “Load Recorder” (cycles, average load, most load, interval period, operative time, etc.) are transferred to a information,

wherever the data will be analysed with PDR or instead with alternative tools like MS stand out. Key Advantages: Turnover management (t/h) •  Load cycles analysis (cycles/h)•  Machine capability utilization



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