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Rockey Dongle Emulator


What is Rockey Dongle?

Rockey Dongle is the Software protection Key Usually Used by Chinese software developers. It is an old company. As LPT model, we can easily understand this. These Dongles generally do not use Drivers. This is a big advantage for users, because some times drivers know how to match our windows operating system.
The most popular Model is the Rockey4ND model. This model addresses millions of users worldwide. This software key is generally used by cheap software developers, but it is seen that it is sometimes used in high quality software.

The most popular dong Rockey4ND model This model contains a lot of features. Some of these features are like being able to use on the network, creating a variable algorithm, time zone control.

Rockey Dongle Models

Rockey Dongle Emulator
Rockey Dongle Emulator Smart
Rockey Dongle Emulator Rockey4ND
Rockey Dongle Emulator R6Smart

Dongle Details

Rockey Emulator Instructions


0x096E Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.

Rockey Emulator / Clone Functions.

  • Product Digital Certificate is available. It can be easily installed on operating systems.
  • Hardware replication is possible.
  • Log can be easily taken. just click on the link in the instructions section.
  • It is fully compatible with the Windows operating system.