What is ElecKey Dongle ?

ElecKey Dongle Emulator Clone Crack

It is an alternative tool for software protections developed by Eleckey Sciensoft Company. This System is a great system for those who want cheaper cost than Chinese locks. Because USB Flash Drives We Know are converted into the Software Protection Lock we know with this system.

Sciensoft Systems is an IT company that has been developing software Protection products since 1997. It has customers all over the world. They do R&D very well. The idea of turning normal USB Flash Drives into a software lock first came out of this firm. But of course this is an advantage for us because the device we call Flash disk does not have EPROOM and MCU water. What can it do? 🙂


ElecKey Dongle Details



ElecKey Dongle Emulator Backup Instructions

  1. Software Setup.
  2. You can upload DropboxMega, Wetransfer
  3. After the upload send me link with mail.  dongleclon@gmail.com
  4. Back you soon.

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