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Sentinel Dongle Emulator,  SuperPro / UltraPro / SHK Clone, Backup, Duplicate, Recovery and Unpack Reverse Engineering Service.

What is Sentinel Dongle?


Produced for Software Engineer. These software developers generally provide services in the fields of Engineering, Textile, CAD-CAM. Many Popular Software companies are using this lock. This Lock was first produced as Parallel Port Hardware and then continued its way as USB Port. It has several types. Software companies Sometimes this USB Device uses only as Hardware ID. The reason is to provide extra security. It provides a second security by putting time limit and module limit in the license file. As a result, analyzing both the donging and the license file requires extra time and cost.


Why do you need Sentinel Dongle Emulator Backup?


Sentinel Dongle Emulator USB and Parallel Port (LPT) Models Are Available. But unfortunately, computers with LPT channels are not produced today. In this case, it is annoying when old users switch to the new computer. but don’t worry, we come in here. If you have a parallel port dongle, contact us. Let us virtualize you or make it USB, it’s up to you.

In addition, according to DMCA rules, it is your Most Natural Right to Protect Your Dong from theft, Corruption or just in case. Some software companies may ask you to pay the same price again if your dong is broken or stolen, and this is not fair in our opinion. If you own one of the This Dongle Products, we recommend that you backup before it’s too late.


Rainbow is the first manufacturer of SafeNet Dongle. In 2000s, the dongle, which they produced as Parallel port, first saw great demands. If we say there are millions of users in the world now, it will not be less.
In 2004, they merged with SafeNet and started to manufacture USB models. Then SafeNet Company changed to Gemalto. After years of The Company, Thales Group passed. The name remaining in the memories is undoubtedly SafeNet because it has provided serious support to many areas and sectors.

Over time, they have successfully accomplished projects by developing themselves very successfully. There are many models, the most successful of which is the Hardware Key, in my opinion. This module has the option to do many things with the Developer Kit. Some of them have many features such as Time limit, Module Description, Changing the error messages given to the user as desired, using on the network.


Sentinel Dongle Emulator
Sentinel Dongle emulator SHK
Sentinel dongle emulator SuperPro
Dual Hardwarekey
Sentinel Dongle emulator ikey
Sentinel Dongle Emulator LPT
SuperPro LPT
Sentinel Dongle Emulator Mini LPT
Mini LPT
Sentinel C-Plus
Safenet C-Plus

VID / PID Details:

0x04B9 – 0x0300 SafeNet, Inc. SuperPro/UltraPro
0x8000 – Sentinel Hardware Key
0x0529 –  Data Security (Israel) Ltd.
0x08E2 – China Ltd.
0x0E45 B.V.

Sentinel Dongle Emulator Functions:

  • Dongle emulator are fully digitally signed, so they can be easily installed on 64-bit systems without test mode.
  • Hardware Clone is possible.
  • It is compatible with the latest version drivers.
  • We will to repair your broken dongle.
  • If your Dongle have Time Restriction, we can clean.
  • We can add modules that are not defined in your Dongle.
  • Our emulators work on virtual pc. In this way, you can install it on your remote server.

Licensing methods:

  • Sentinel Dongles can be used by shelling and injecting into the source code.
  • Remote Module definition can be made.
  • With the reading and writing feature, situation assessment is made.
  • Network option is available with TCP / IP option.


Rainbow – SafeNet – Gemalto – Thales Gruop

Sentinel Dongle Emulator  Instructions


  • For the Backup we need the installation package of the software you use with Dongle. This is very important because it is necessary for the Communication Algorithm.
  • Please upload to  Mega,   or  Wetransfer
  • When Finished Upload, Please send me the link This
  • We need Dump File on your dongle. Please DOWNLOAD  ( zip password is )

How Make Sentinel Dongle Emulator for SuperPro / UltraPro Dump

  • When Download done Unpack it a folder and Run with Administrator Zip password is:
  • Be sure your dongle is plugged into the computer.
  • Press “ READ SENTINEL DONGLE” Button and wait Please
  • This process may take 10 or 20 minutes. Please wait patiently for it to complete. When it is completed, it will be indicated on the screen.
  • When finished, it will create a file like spro_RNBO_SPN_DRIVER_xxxx_0.dmp to the folder we extracted earlier. Please send it to me via email.

Sometimes our Customers only transmit this dump file. This is not enough, as we mentioned above, you have to install the software used by your dong and send it to me. If this does not happen, I cannot help you because we will first see the algorithms and start the process accordingly. The most important factor is that we need to test it first.


Sentinel Dongle Dumper

During the reading, please do not operate on the computer and remove the dongle.


There are many recommendations on the internet. We are Professionally doing this job, unfortunately we face some unpleasant situations. Some of them dongle users know themselves because they detect unauthorized access to the locks due to the dongle reader tools that are found from the internet, some of the dongle reader tools that are not known, or some people who come from the cheap service offer.

The reason for this is that the original dongles can close themselves because of interventions that are protected and unconscious with new types of dongles. Therefore, we advise you to leave this job to someone who knows and take responsibility.

Sentinel Dongle Emulator Compatibility:


Emulator are compatible with All versions of Windows. The current Popular Windows 10 works perfectly with 64-bit versions. Since some software is not built according to This new OS systems, we cannot work properly if we virtualized it. In these cases, our reverse engineering processes come into play. In such a case, we first extract the software completely and adapt it according to the last system.


Other Sentinel Dongle Model Details


We have created different pages for some models of Sentinel. Because these models are quite a lot in the world and because of this situation, you can go directly to the pages where we will explain their features. SuperPro Model, UltraPro and SHK Hardware Key


Our Recommendation and Goal


Install your Sentinel dongle before it is too late. Nobody knows what you will be tomorrow. Sentinel Dongle, which you have been using for 10 years, will become inoperable by making the MCU and EPROM feet oxidized and short circuit after a while. Take your precaution now Tomorrow before it is too late. As the VIP Dongle Team, we are proud to serve you. Our employees in our team are ready to fulfill your orders with full care.




Unfortunately, some thoughts mention that this is ethical. We do not take the backup of Dongle and sell it to others. But if you are just doing it for ourselves, why should it be a problem to act such as theft and deterioration? Even the DMCA indicates this situation.

When we create an emulator, we permanently remove all work done 1 week after our customer tested it from our systems.
Our request from our customers is to make your backup in several places. If you need to give an example, you can save it to your external hard disk or an online file manager you use.


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