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Protea instrument software package shrub instrument software package (PAS) is shrub’s normal knowledge acquisition and analysis package for laboratory and mobile field measurements of FTIR data.

As a knowledge assortment system, it’s all the practicality needed of analysis level FTIR analysis. The trained user will create changes will be created to assortment parameters of the spectra, so as to realize speed of response or detection limit necessities.

But also, running within the dedicated normal Analysis mode, the un-trained user WHO is new FTIR will quickly begin aggregation and mensuration FTIR knowledge. normal Analysis mode has inbuilt assortment and analysis parameters PRN once following standard procedures like environmental emissions observation beneath the MCERTS framework.
Protea instrument software package

As well as aggregation FTIR knowledge, PAS permits for association to Protea’s sampling system management physical science. This monitors and controls sample cell temperature and pressure, provides management for purge valves to the instrument and additionally relays digital and analogue I/O to external devices.