How to Log With Usbtrace

How to Log With Usbtrace


Download & Install USBTrace

1. Download USBTrace Software .
2. Unpack from zip it and Install the desired version Windows 32 or 64 bit

3. After the Install copy in Crack Folder USBTrace.exe and utlicense.dat files and Replace installed folder.

4. Execute USBTrace.exe and click register it and sellect utlicense.dat

Now Ready USBTrace software for make log..

How Make LOG

  • Step One

1. Remove dongle from computer.
2. Execute USBTrace.
3. Click button with label “Capture hot plugged USB devices“.












4. Click button with green  “Start Capture













5. Insert dongle to USB.
6. Click button with red square “Stop Capture“.














7. Save log to insertDongle.utl file.

  • Step Two – Export log to TXT file.

    1. Press File->Export Utility













2. Click “…” button and enter any File Name and select “Text Log” type file.












3. Click “Export” button.



  • Step Three

Run With protected Sofware .

!!! IMPORTANT !!!  Close Usbtrace software and Remove dongle from your computer

Now Run Usbtrace Software

1- Press Capture hot plugged USB devices button

2- Press button with green “Start Capture

3- Plugin your Dongle

4- Run your protected program with all modules and use it 5 minute save options etc..

5- Close your Software.

6- Click button with red square “Stop Capture“.

7- Save

8- Make Export step same as txt with diffrent Name.

All is finished now you can send me utl and txt file by email


PS:  If you want these steps we can do with Teamviewer for you.