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AIP III Advanced Image Processor Marx CryptoBox Dongle

AIP supports image file processing using tools tailored specifically to the type of joint being
analyzed and the type of analysis. These functions are grouped together in palette windows called
Modules, which can be opened, closed, and moved around the AIP window as required.
Modules provide tools for enhancing the images for visual inspection, such as applying advanced
filtering techniques. Several modules provide measurement tools for manual and automatic object
selection and measurement definition. Results appear in the image and in separate report
windows, which can be printed, or saved in spreadsheet or delimited text format for statistical
process control analysis in other applications.
When the AIP system is connected to a manual X-ray system, the operator can view live images in
real time, optionally using live image capture optimization modules to remove errors from the
image. The operator can take a snapshot of the image to save and to use in performing
In snapshots, or saved image files, measurements and various types of information are
superimposed over the top of the image, enabling the operator to see both the area being
measured and the results of the measurement simultaneously. AIP II lets the operator send
images and/or analysis results to a local printer or any printer defined on the local or wide area
(LAN/WAN) networks.