Aladdin HASP 4 Dongle Emulator Clone Backup Details.


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Company History

Aladdin Knowledge Systems was based in 1985 by means of Jacob (Yanki) Margalit, while he turned into 23 years old.

He become soon joined by means of brother Dany Margalit, who took the responsibility for product development on the age of 18, while on the identical time completing a mathematics and pc science diploma in Tel Aviv college.

In its early years the agency advanced two product strains, an artificial intelligence package (which become dropped early on) and a hardware product to save you unauthorized software copying, just like digital rights management.

What is it Aladdin HASP Dongle?

Aladdin company was established in 1985. Dongle, which was produced for Parallel Ports (LPT) in the beginning, attracted great attention. Currently, the number of this old-style dongle users on Earth is estimated at hundreds of thousands.

It launched the USB model in the 2000s. These models have attracted great attention because these USBs were used as MCU chip and EPROOM. In this way, it provided great convenience to software developers such as Time Limit and Module Definition.

VID / PID Details:

0x0529 0x0001 Aladdin Knowledge Systems


  • Aladdin Knowledge Systems
  • SafeNet inc.
  • Gemalto
  • Thales Group ( Now)

Aladdin HASP4 Dongle Emulator Functions:

  • It is digitally signed, and it can be used easily without any intervention in 64 bit Windows systems.
  • If there is a Time Limit, it can be removed completely.
  • If some modules connected to the dongle are not defined in the software you use, they can be defined.
  • We can optionally reproduce hardware. ( Harware Clone )
  • You can use it on a virtualized Windows. (VMWare, Virtualbox, etc ..)

Download Aladdin HASP Dongle Driver

zip password :

Aladdin HASP4 Dongle Emulator Dongle Types

Hasp4 M1
HASP4 M1 Paralel Port
Hasp LPT Net Dongle

HASP Dongle Emulator Backup Instructions:

Since Aladdin HASP4 Dongle is old, it is necessary to know the dongle password in order to be able to DUMP. Dongle consists of 2 passwords (PW1 and PW2) We extract these passwords by analyzing the software your Key uses. First of all, you need to install the software and send us a link. Then we will send the Dumper that is special to your dongles.

Aladdin HASP 4 Dongle Emulator Steps:

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