Eutron SmartKey Emulator, Backup Clone, Duplicate, Unpack, Copy Service

What is Eutron SmartKey Dongle?

SmartKey is compatible with Linux, Mac OS X and all Microsoft Windows operating systems. Both the drivers and the libraries for these operating systems are available. However, SmartKey Parallel is not supported by Mac OS X and SmartKey USB cannot be used with operating systems that do not support the USB port.

SmartKey USB is also available in Driver Less (DL) model that does not require any additional driver installation for its usage. SmartKey is a sure, flexible software protection dongle, designed for transparent fitting on the computer’s parallel or USB port.

Unfortunately, these Locks are not produced today. The reason is that since Eutron italaya company is merged under the Gemalto Roof, it offers Sentinel HL dongles as an alternative to companies that request locks and it is known that all companies using Eutron solve their new dongle needs with the Sentinel HL brand.






SmartKey Emulator Instructions


  • We Need Your Software install  package. This is very important because it is necessary for the Communication Algorithm.
  • You can upload DropboxMega, Wetransfer
  • After send me link with mail. or can use Order Page.
  • Need Dongle Dump you can DOWNLOAD zip password is :

How to make Dump

Smartkey Emulator Functions:

  1. It has a digital certificate.
  2. It can be replicated hardware.
  3. The time limit can be removed.
  4. Missing modules can be assigned.
  5. Hardware Clone is possible.

Smartkey Softwares