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Aladdin SRM Dongle

Sentinel HASP HL
blankSentinel HASP is the industry’s first and most effective rights control strategy to permit using either software- or hardware-based totally protection keys (USB dongles) to put in force software protection and licensing.

Completely integrates with current software program product lifecycles to reduce disruptions to improvement and enterprise processes. Sentinel HASP capabilities function-based totally equipment and techniques that permit all team of workers to recognition on their middle skills.

SRM entered our lives after Aladdin HASP HL. While PW1 is virtualized with PW2 Options in previous models, Vendor ID gains importance in these SRM models. If it is necessary to make a brief comment, it is very important to know the Sec Table Part in HL models, but when we know the VENDOR ID in these models and without any detailed information, quite easy to virtualize in some software.

Models and features

Protection Key RAM ROM Max. Features Dimensions
n/a 40.5x16x8
HASP SRM Runtime
HL Pro
4KB 112Bytes 39
4KB 2KB 19.1×15.6×7.6
Thales Group
Flash 2G/4G 2KB 74.2×11.3×28.6

Hasp SRM Dongle Emulator Backup Instructions

Hasp SRM Model has the same features as Sentinel HL. For this, you can follow the same instructions on our Sentinel HL page. Just click the red text below  HASP SRM Dongle Emulator Instructions.

Hasp SRM Dongle Emulator Features

  • Easy to Install.
  • It does not need any verification code.
  • You can install it on any computer you wish.
  • It is digitally signed.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions. (Windows XP, Vista, 8, 10, 32 and 64 Bit)
  • Our Free Support Is Available If You Cannot Install.

We must know.

Our company is only obliged to Back up the dongle you have. We keep the data of the dongle we backed up for 3 months and remove it from our systems when there is no negative feedback from you (some problems caused by backing up). Another means of this is that we do not sell Dongle backups of our Customers to a third party or company upon request. Your data is safe with us.


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