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NextGen Bullmer CNC Software Test with Marx Crypto-Box Dongle Clone

NextGen is the CNC software used in Bullmer Cutting devices. The dongle of this device, which has thousands of users around the world, is Marx brand. In the future, your dongle will malfunction and if you cannot meet it from the company, you can contact us.

Company profile

Bullmer GmbH is a machine builder that produces machines for cutting and spreading technology. Bullmer GmbH is one of the three largest international providers of innovative laying and cutting systems as well as material handling systems. One of the main strengths lies in special machine construction as well as the production and manufacture of entire system lines for processing textile and flexible materials.
The company was founded in 1933 as Metallwerk Karl Bullmer, which also produced in Mehrstetten. In 1958 the series production of cutting and laying devices began here. The production program was expanded more and more in the following years and already successfully marketed in over 60 countries around the world in 1975.

Compared to the market as a whole, it can be stated that there is no competing company, we
l has a product depth like bullmer. bullmer offers single layers, high-layer cutters, spreading machines, material handling, CAD, in-house production and consulting.

Compared to the entire industry,

the strengths of bullmer GmbH can be found in the following disciplines in particular:
  • Clear positioning of the brand on the market
  • Good technical and market knowledge
  • Long service life of the machines
  • A strong investor
  • Every field worker has a bullmer attitude to life
  • Long-standing and experienced employeesFor bullmer GmbH, the export area is still the main focus with a turnover share of approx. 80%. This will also be processed more intensively and more focused in the future through the development and expansion of a suitable sales system.

NextGen Bullmer CNC Software

As before, bullmer GmbH offers the entire product range for the process chain “textile cutting for pliable parts” in many well-known industrial sectors. In addition, bullmer offers material supply systems with a wide variety of loading devices and laying devices, transport systems and cutting systems with corresponding software for handling and processing textile materials. Thanks to the existing innovative sales and development department, bullmer GmbH is able to respond dynamically to new market and special customer requirements. Depending on the customer’s wishes and material requirements, an individually tailored cutting system is created for an optimal production process for the customer.