GeViScope ENTERPRISE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM Test with Marx CryptoBox Dongle Emulator Clone.



You have an extensive variety of requests and complex procedures – in this manner you have abnormal state necessities for a video security arrangement. The Ge ViScope Enterprise Surveillance System will address your issues inside and out.

Unwavering quality and speed, adaptability and joining. Heaps of capacities across the board stage: everything from picture recording to a virtual grid, simple and IP, standard and megapixel. Savvy video examination qualifies the picture content and produces cautions in basic circumstances. This complex secluded framework is perfect for elite. High accessibility: Redundant power supply unit, strong state circle for the working framework, discretionary RAID framework for databases with up to a few TByte limit for each server. This signifies the most elevated amount of accessibility for your security. DSP innovation: Digital flag processors with uniquely created firmware for picture handling continuously and an abnormal state of speculation

insurance now significantly more capable, for better picture quality. New capacities are effortlessly introduced, framework augmentations can be executed flawlessly whenever. Half and half was yesterday, what’s to come is omnibrid:


GeViScope offers consistent reconciliation and movement from simple by means of cross breed to omnibrid and immaculate IP frameworks and meets the clients needs paying little respect to the innovation. Transcoding: Select the perfect arrangement of a camera stream for your particular necessities free from the source organize – for convenience, negligible capacity and system load and most extreme adaptability. Homogeneous UIs guarantee consistency and straightforwardness.

Ensured similarity with all basic pressure configurations, for example, (M-JPEG, H.264, MPEG4CCTV, H264CCTV, MPEG4CCTV/MP) and the ONVIF standard. if need solution please contact us.