MotoTune MotoHawk Marx CryptoBox Dongle Clone

MotoTune & MotoHawk Test with Marx CryptoBox Dongle Clone


Woodward’s MotoTune® standardization development tool provides all of the practicality required for typical daily standardization tasks.

AN intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface provides easy accessibility to any or all of the calibration-related RAM and read-only

storage parameters contained within the electronic management unit (ECU).

Key options

• All calibrations and measure parameters displayed in engineering units
• coincident connections to multiple ECUs
• Multiple applications connected to any single eu
• Comprehensive on-line facilitate system
• User configurable crosscut keys
• Powerful graphing and information mental image tools

Woodward’s MotoHawk® management Solutions has the advantage in today’s competitive market with the

power to bring exciting new product and complex product options to the market quickly.

The MotoHawk system starts with a whole suite of software package tools to develop, test, configure, flash, and repair management systems. It additionally includes a full vary of MotoHawk-enabled electronic management units that offer upgrade ways as application desires amendment. And, it includes skilled applications engineering capabilities to assist you apace develop your management systems.

Since its introduction, MotoHawk has been used fruitfully in thousands of production applications, including:
• gas trucks and buses
• stationary engine and emissions management
• exhaust aftertreatment management systems
• hybrid vehicles management.

Call Woodward these days to debate however MotoHawk is your fast controls development system.