GPR-SLICE V7 CryptoBox Marx Dongle Clone

GPR-SLICE V7 CryptoBox Marx Dongle Clone / Emulator

GPR-SLICE imaging of post tension cables in concrete with rebar. GPR imagination of a frozen lakebed bottom reflection measured employing a GPR drone system. The antenna could be a Radarteam AB Scandinavian nation  subecho 70MHz that may stack 32000 scans/second. The significant duty drone system is manufactuered by SPH-Engineering in Latvia . The lakebed is mapped detected within the GPR-SLICE Horizon menu and gridded to point out ontop of a look Earth map. GPR-SLICE real time topography changes in OpenGL. GPR-SLICE provides for Google Earth KMZ time slice image output. during this Google Earth image, Kofun burial mounds placed in Saitobaru, Miyazaki Japan square measure shown. a number of the robust reflections repressent intact subterranean burial chambers. (Data courtesy of Hongo Hiromichi and Higashi Noriaki, steward at the Saitobaru archeologic Museum)
GPR-SLICE has new choices to form vector imaging simple to orient a 3 dimensional radar survey created on the surface of any pure mathematics. during this example mensuration the walls within an area is simply set with a 1 button navigation operation. GPR-SLICE has choices to come up with solid pulse volumes for non multichannel users once a position density is employed. Pulse imaging will have benefits over amplitude/envelope imaging for a few sites associated as shown in an example provided by Horsley archeologic Prospection LLC, Illinois. within the example some faint ciricular options shown in pulse imaging illuminate a embankment from associate Indian village – however not seen in typical envelop/amplitude imaging.