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Integral IP Fire Panel Software Test with Marx Crypto-Box Dongle Clone

Up to 500 elements in two ring lines can be connected to the compact Integral IP CXF fire alarm control panel in the basic structure. In addition, it has an interface to which a local network module, two other ring lines, a universal interface module or an input / output module can be installed as desired.

Each panel, besides detector groups and controllers, also includes external control panels, fire brigade control panels, printers, etc. It forms an autonomous unit with its own electricity supply and battery to which it can be connected. The Integral IP CXF can be connected to an Integral LAN as needed and is available as a variety of cabinet models – with or without a protocol printer, or as a Blackbox.

Integral IP Fire Panel

The task of a fire alarm control panel is to detect the fire as early as possible and to alert the response forces. Unfortunately, this is not possible even if a single fault occurs in the system. Therefore, our modular fire alarm control panels are redundant. Two independent systems work in parallel continuously, when an error occurs in the active part, it is automatically switched to the working part. As a result, all functions of the fire detection system continue to operate.

Schrack Seconet provides all system components, from hardware to software. once combined with the support services, they provide a superbly coordinated, integrated solution.

The complete Integral Remote package has the right application for each demand and allows access via all platforms, from pc to tablet.

Our web application service enables secure duplex connections over the web between security-related systems and completely different user interfaces. it’s used for work events and administering users and authorisations.

Integral device enables the show and operation of security-related systems. it’s thus attainable to send alarm and standing messages and to get pleasure from remote access that’s both quick and secure. A geodata check also builds it attainable to limit operation to a precise area, whereas the encrypted communications defend against access by unauthorized users.

Supports all Integral IP management panels appropriate for configuring all system sizes additionally as integrated WAN networks standard computer code aids make your method easier for good solutions High security because of electronic device protection

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