Wibu Codemeter Cmstick Dongle Emulator Clone Backup

Codemeter Cmstick Emulator Backup Service

Dongle Details

Dongle: Wibu Codemeter / CmStick
VID / PID: Vendor: 0x64F Product: 0x3E9 Device: 0x100
Features: USB Dongles - Multiplatform dongle - Uses standard algorithms (AES, RSA, and ECC) to provide maximum security Contains an internal clock and can be connected to the Internet. Large memory and additional flash memory. - Remote update. - Remote firmware update.
Description: The idea of the CodeMeter concept is that licenses can be stored for many products even from many different vendors at the same time. CodeMeter strong crypto algorithms and many different License Options for developers, hovewer API is complex to implement and most developer use only automatic envelope protection or simple dongle presence check.
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Backup Instructions

  • We Need Your Software install  package. This is very important because it is necessary for the Communication Algorithm.
  • You can uplod DropboxMega, Wetransfer
  • After send me link with mail.  dongleclon@gmail.com
  • After the analyze We need Teamviwer Session For Read manuel Dongle Memory.


♦ What to Know ♦
  • This site does not sell any cracked programs.
  • The purpose of this site was established to take backups of your dongles according to urgent needs.
  • Creating a patch for a software program or electronics product.
  • Performing cryptanalysis on security systems that control access to digital data.

Compatiple OS Systems

Windows 98 - Windows XP - Windows 7 - Windows Vista - Windows 8 - Windows Server - Windows 10 x86 and x64 bit