TruTops Boost Laser Punch Bend CAD-CAM Software Test with Wibu CMstick dongle.

TruTops Boost Laser

The transition from geometric design to NC program has never been faster.

TruTops Boost; A unique software developed for programming laser, punching and bending machines and 2D/3D design, increasing your performance with one click. Raise your earnings! Increase your business volume.

Automatic system variety

  • Activate the Boost button to get from the geometric design to the NC program faster.

Ideal organization

  • You can always get information about their status by concentrating on the right jobs.

TruTops Boost Laser Better material use

  • With a common work pool and the new Lean Nest nesting processor, you can use your material more efficiently.

Ready for Industry 4.0

  • You can automatically mark your parts with dynamic values ​​for part tracking and production control.

Expand your growth perspective

  • With additional options, you can enable TruTops Boost to grow towards the production system.

Process assemblies more efficiently

  • With the Boost automatic system, you can import and disassemble 2D/3D assemblies.



With TRUMPF’s TecZone 2D/3D CAD system, you can design even complex sheet metal parts with the highest quality. With TecZone Cut, tasks such as nesting can be easily accomplished in a few steps. TecZone Bend provides the implementation of bending and workplace programming both in the office and at the machine.



With HomeZone, which provides central management even in teamwork, you can always keep all your work and work steps under control. You can easily perform mass and assembly transfers regardless of your customers’ file formats. With HomeZone, all work steps are always at hand, from 2D/3D design to application, from bending program to nesting and cutting or punching. Thanks to TruTops Boost’s user interface equipped with TecZone Cut (Laser, Punch, Nest) and TecZone Bend, all jobs can be viewed, executed and controlled.


TruTops Boost Laser technology

TruTops Boost button

Thanks to the Boost button, you can control and program your work interactively and extremely quickly. TruTops Boost revolutionizes your work with automated processes by combining different technologies. Innovative software offers solutions for you.

Repetitive jobs are recognized by the program,  that they can be programmed optimally and with consistently high quality. Thanks to the new nesting processor Lean Nest and optimized nesting algorithms, you can make optimal use of your material and reduce your cost. Because the processor takes into account nesting parameters in the layout, such as the starting corner, the distances between the parts, and the margins. By default, Lean Nest and previous nesting profiles are enabled. TruTops Boost automatically gives the best results.


TruTops Boost Laser with TecZone Bend

By combining TruTops Boost with TecZone Bend, you can enjoy multiple benefits. From top-performing program calculation to real-time collision checking, intuitive operation and integrating cutting information, you can use many advantages to your competitive advantage.