FARO PointSense Pro Test with Codemeter CmStick Dongle


FARO’s Point Sense Pro & Basic is an easy-to-use toolset for processing and analyzing laser scan data. You will be able to create professional results such as, Site Maps, 3D Models, Elevations, Facade Plans, Ortho images, Deformation analysis, and Clash Detection.

What does PointSense do?

PointSense is an AutoCAD application for the evaluation and analysis of 3D point clouds.
The billions of points, captured by 3D laser scanners, can develop their significance, where the respective shaping tools are available in a technically mature status – directly in AutoCAD.Furthermore, PointSense possesses several functions that make the specific evaluation process when working with point clouds easier. As-built documentation of industrial structures, (historical) buildings, crime scenes or sculptures and more can be recorded at all levels of detail.

The point cloud can be augmented or combined with other information such as CAD drawings, photos and floor plans.

PointSense is applicable whenever CAD information needs to be gained from laser scan data, e.g.

  • Documentation for historical preservation
  • As-is documentation for construction and architecture
  • Building monitoring
  • Documentation of archaeological sites
  • Crime scene documentation
  • Accident documentation result will be 2D plans
    Layout plans
  • Elevations
  • Vertical sections
    But also:
    3D models and

FARO PointSense Pro Suite

2) General evaluation and modeling functions In addition to that PointSense provides a number of commands, which simplify the generation of layout plans and 3D models and also make it more efficient. The following functional areas are available:

Line/polygon fitting for an efficient and precise generation of wall, floor, and ceiling runs. Powerful fitting algorithms determine the best line run in point cloud layers, optionally with forced perpendicularity. In combination with AutoCAD commands the line runs can also be converted to solids.

  • Fitting cylinders and planes allow modeling simple geometry with just a few clicks. Planes are also a useful tool for UCS definition.
  • Planar scan view: The independent software VirtuSurv is included in the delivery. It enables a planar, high-resolution scan view, similar to a panorama photo. It is very easy to pick 3D coordinates in VirtuSurv which can be sent directly to AutoCAD via the direct interface. In combination with PointSense and AutoCAD commands this will result in an intuitive and comfortable workflow during the evaluation.
  • Orthophoto point clouds: From a certain view onto the point cloud a high resolution, photo-like raster image will be generated, which may be used as true to scale image plan or for the overdrawing with CAD graphic. Typical applications are façade plans.