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WHAT’S NEW? SINCE EASYSIGN 2016 OUT NOW In 2016, EasySIGN developments was focused on further improving and optimizing the usability of EasySIGN 64-bit to offer a more consistent user experience. We are proud to announce that our new 64-bit family member is now on par with the functionality and compatibility of its experienced 32-bit brother, while offering better performance and being more future-proof.In addition to all these improvements, EasySIGN has improved in the following categories: Third Party RIP Compatibility Import / Export EasySIGN 64-bit Hardware Other features.

New: Added support for AGFA Asanti RIP

EasySIGN 2017 now includes support for the Asanti RIP solution by AGFA Graphics. This smart feature automatically prepares your EasySIGN worksheet using the correct.

This successor of the popular Versa Works RIP solution will ultimately replace its predecessor, but is already supported in EasySIGN 2017 to ensure maximum compatibility with Roland’s new large format printers.

EasySIGN 2017 64-bit recommended

The information technology industry develops and innovates at high speed. In many cases, it is hard to notice the advantages.

This is also true for 64-bit support. Fortunately, it is not what it seems. With 64-bit support,

EasySIGN can process  processed in 32-bit. Moreover, this results in better integration with other 64- Since it’s release last year,

EasySIGN 2017 CmStick Dongle

EasySIGN 2017 CmStick Dongle 64-bit evolved into  improved, in addition to expanding the support for third
party software, for a better overall user experience.

EasySIGN 2017 CmStick Dongle

EasySIGN now supports HiDPI displays, better known as ‘Retina’ displays among Apple users. This results in better view ability on displays with a high pixel density, such as 4K displays. Interface scaling has improved to make the software look better and offer more usable screen space, which makes this a pleasant addition for large format designers.

Although many different page sizes are already available as default presets, you can now add any custom page size and store it as a favorite.

Create presets with the dimensions of your most-used production materials for more convenience. Use these custom page settings to quickly start a new design or produce repeat orders more easily.