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With 16.6, we are introducing the new Migration Wizard feature to the installation routine of Ergosoft 16. This will help make updating installations from Ergosoft 15 to 16 and migrations to other systems even easier than before.

When installing Ergosoft 16, you will now be able to select a previous User Data Folder on your system or network and select which settings you want to migrate to the new installation. Ergosoft 16 will automatically copy these settings and adapt the settings as required.


Feature Spotlight: New Delta Automation Tags

With 16.6, we are introducing several new features for the Delta Automation module to give you more control over your automated processes with XML Automation. The new features give you even more options to create and layout Jobs using the Delta Automation XML Syntax.

We have added various new tags and attributes for:

  • Image positioning
  • Rectangular nesting features
  • Image groups
  • Nesting of multiple image groups
  • Nesting within an image group
  • Variable data features (Multiple Syntaxes Available)
  • Job Cut Settings presets.
  • The Group tag can now also be used as an overarching tag to gather multiple Job files together. Combine multiple XML files into a single output Job with the new Group tag.
  • For more details on the new Delta Automation XML tags, see the Delta Automation Section in the Ergosoft Documentation Portal.
  • With 16.6, we are introducing a host of new features for Layout Automation in the JobComposer.
  • With these new features, you can automate repetitive JobComposer tasks and create print-ready jobs even faster! Cut down on layout time and get printing within seconds!