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About The Ardis

Software for optimizing panel cutting on beam saws. The main emphasis is put on communication with the machine or rather the production process. Corresponding interfaces for the integration of data and the connection with the machine are available.

Professional optimization system, adjusted on horizontal panel cutting saws.

The following goals are essential: best possible material utility simple cutting plans production of possible little different cutting patterns. The result is an optimal utility of cutting saws. Cutting-optimizer runs on Windows CP Prof.; for potentially occurring questions an online aid is in command at any time.

Ardis Optimizer

The output of the calculated results and cutting plans on the screen and on the printer possible.

Further functions are: Saving of the panel formats and recalling them for a later optimization (creating a panel archive) Minding the veneering directing module for over and underproduction of the piece numbers module material mix (input of miscellaneous materials and common optimization) Priority for panels.

Thus e.g. leftover panels can be preferably processed. module for calculating edges minding the first cutting direction. Here one can choose beforehand, whether the stripes are arranged vertically or transversally or if both cutting directions are valid.


Their vast experience in the industry combined with open and standard software allowed. Swift and worry-free implementation including the integration with all our machines and existing ERP software. All without the need for customized programming. Sheet optimization for woodworking shops Optimization of sheetsIntuitive cutting patterns adapted to your cutting process.

All your production documents at the press of a button: labels, cutting plans, parts lists, etc.

ARDIS® is the machine-independent global market leader for optimization & manufacturing software. Our cutting-edge software offers a modular all-in-one platform specifically designed and built for the sheet/bar/coil cutting industry. With over 35 years of experience, we provide a higher ROI thanks to our continuous innovation in algorithms and unique problem-solving methods.

All products are powerful alone, better together. Cutting edge manufacturing software.