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Trimble Gedo Scan Office Test with CMstick dongle Clone Emulator.

Trimble Gedo Scan

Software is a powerful solution for capturing and processing point cloud data from laser scanning systems. The software is specifically designed for use with Trimble’s Gedo Scan system, which is a high-precision, dual-axis laser scanner that is ideal for capturing detailed 3D measurements of railway tracks, tunnels, bridges, and other infrastructure.

The software allows users to quickly and accurately process large volumes of point cloud data, making it easy to identify and analyze key features of railway infrastructure. This can help railway operators to improve safety, optimize maintenance schedules, and reduce downtime.

Some of the key features of Trimble Gedo Scan Software include:

  1. Automated point cloud processing: The software uses advanced algorithms to automatically align and stitch together multiple point cloud scans, saving users time and reducing the risk of errors.
  2. Visualization tools: The software includes powerful visualization tools that make it easy to view and analyze point cloud data in 3D.
  3. Measurement tools: Trimble Gedo Scan Software includes a range of measurement tools that enable users to accurately measure distances, angles, and other key features of railway infrastructure.
  4. Reporting: The software includes customizable reporting tools that allow users to create detailed reports and share them with stakeholders.
  5. Integration: Trimble Gedo Scan Software is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Trimble software solutions, making it easy to share data between different teams and departments.

Overall, Trimble Gedo Scan Software is a powerful tool that can help railway operators to improve safety, reduce downtime, and optimize maintenance schedules.

The GEDO Scan Pre-Processing Module pre-processes GEDO Scan measurements. Purely relative measurements are then available immediately. Absolute measurements as geo-referenced 3D point cloud for analysis after synchronization with the track geometry.

Cross profiles generated along the route are further processed and vectorized with Trimble GEDO Scan Analysis. After automatic dimensioning, the DXF export takes place.