Insight Professional V5 Test with HASP Dongle / Clone/ Duplicate.


Multi-site frameworks in the past experienced issues in co-ordinating programming across controllers. Integriti has no such issues and gives a solitary consistent interface to the end client yet at the same time yields the intensity of a hidden adaptable geography.

Multi-Controller Architecture:

Integriti has been planned starting from the earliest stage as a worldwide framework encouraging an IP based multi-controller engineering.

Huge quantities of entryways and zones can be allocated straightforwardly to singular clients or on the other hand different records and gatherings can be utilized without limitation – all through a natural and simple to utilize graphical interface.

Adaptable User Access Permissions: Integriti has brought the benchmark up as far as giving inconceivably adaptable client get to authorizations. End-clients are not, at this point compelled to consider get to consents dependent on the limitations of their entrance control framework.

The intensity of this review trail is featured by the way that programming changes can be moved back and re-made as they were whenever before. This gives genuine feelings of serenity to the end-client from a security and obligation viewpoint.

Worldwide Audit Trail:

Integriti programming fuses a scientific review trail that tracks and time-stamps each programming change made in the framework (not simply the last change).

personal ID card printing, schematic graphical guides, client capabilities (competency based access control), arbitrary medication/liquor looking, ground-breaking mechanization, SMS/email interchanges, alert administration and considerably more.

Highlight Rich Solution:

Built into the core of Integriti is a finished set-up of simple to utilize apparatuses: administrator organization, client consent the board, essential and propelled detailing.

outsider Integration: Integriti highly esteems its capacity to incorporate to outsider merchants, for example, CCTV, Building Management Systems, Lighting, Lifts, Fire, Biometrics, Visitor Management, Intercoms, Mobile Duress and Personnel Tracking frameworks and substantially more. Insight Professional