GexCon EFFECTS 12 Test With Sentinel HL Dongle / Clone / Emulator.

Gexcon Engineering is a software producing company. There are many software in its structure.

About GexCon EFFECTS 12

A loss-of-containment situation within the (petro) chemical trade will be devastating. For each property and human life GexCon EFFECTS 12 is easy-to-use, cheap package that helps safety professionals calculate and analyze the results of those eventualities and develop. The correct interference or containment protocols. in mere many simple clicks, you’ll verify the precise consequences of any situation, and share your findings with all relevant stakeholders.

Overview Gexcon

GexCon EFFECTS 12 could be a world-leading company within the field of safety and risk management and advanced dispersion, explosion and fireplace modelling.

Our expertise arises from elaborate data of explosion phenomena designed up through years of in depth analysis comes, concluding safety assessments, performing arts accident investigations and conducting physical testing at the company’s facilities.

Headquartered in urban center, Norway, Gexcon has offices in Australia (Perth), China (Shanghai), France (Paris), Republic of India (Pune and Mumbai), Republic of Indonesia (Jakarta), European nation (Utrecht), Sweden (Borås), the UAE (Dubai), the united kingdom (Manchester) and USA (Houston, Bethesda, and Boston).

Team of older engineers and specialists will assist in distinguishing hazards, understanding risks and contribute to rising your company’s overall safety performance. we have a tendency to believe a customized and individual approach for every consumer, and by operating along, we are going to notice the foremost best method to spot the company’s has to manage your most important risks.

Gexcon develops, maintains and uses the industry-standard software for modelling gas explosions, FLACS®, along with the industry-standard tool for modelling dust explosions, FLACS-DustEx. Our FLACS Consulting Group represents one of the largest and most experienced group of individuals to provide the customer with assistance to make use of the information which FLACS modelling can provide, adding significant value to the service we deliver.