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KFC KFX Fire Simulation  Explosion simulation computer code

KFC KFX Fire Simulation computer code – a module of KFX™ – has been Shell’s main explosion simulation software tool in advanced geometries for the last twenty years.

KFX Exsim is valid against an outsized range of explosion experiments at varied scales, as well as large-scale tests and blind testing.

it’s been used for industrial analyses and CFD explosion analysis since 1989, however has not been commercially on the market heretofore once it’s offered as a neighborhood of KFX.

KFX Exsim technology is that the most well-liked, easy tool for locating efficient solutions to each fireplace and explosion safety issues.

KFC KFX Fire Simulation  Fire simulation computer code

Loss of containment in full areas as a method plant, in inhabited areas, or in piece of land, differs considerably from releases in free surroundings.

To capture the vital interaction between free fluids and geometrical obstacles as piping, vessels, equipment, structures, buildings, piece of land etc., use of process fluid dynamics computer code is needed.

Passive fireplace protection offshore

Accidental damages thanks to explosion, fireplace and alternative hazards within the oil and gas business cause a threat to structure safety.

Usfos could be a dynamic non-linear finite component code for progressive collapse and accident analysis of jackets, floaters, topsides and alternative frame kind structures usually subject to extreme hundreds. Usfos is devoted to simulation of elaborate structural response to those accidental hundreds from oil and gas fires and explosions, moreover as temperature response from refrigerant hundreds.

The computer code is developed by USFOS AS and distributed by DNV GL. For oil and gas fireplace and explosion hundreds a efficient interface with KFX™ is out there.

Essentials of the CFD fire tool

  • Three-dimensional transient finite-volume computational fluid dynamics software code that solves the fundamental conservation equations for turbulent flow and combustion using a non-uniform Cartesian grid