Virtual Dongle

Virtual Dongle

What is Virtual Dongle?

As we know, there are many brands of dongles. Most of them work as drivers, some as human interfaces. Both of these can be virtualized. Sometimes this may be impossible. In these cases, it may be necessary to reverse engineer some files of the software.

The working logic of most of the dongles is that they work each time using the same question and answer algorithm. This is a pleasant situation, because the virtualization work will take much less time. but sometimes when working with a more profitable question and answer algorithm than ever, this is annoying and means more time wasted.

But in the end, since the intended result in both of them is that the software works as if there is a dongle, in any case, the path to the result has always been successful.

Since the main foundations of popular dongles are formed, we can create cost-effective virtual dongles for our customers. However, when it is an unknown brand or a newly released brand, this process takes a long time and can be very costly.

Mainly Popular dongles we can do;

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