Request Crack Service for Softwares and Dongle

About Request Crack

We also know that cracking software whose existing services are still in progress is not ethical behavior. But reverse engineering is a different matter. To give an example, let’s say that there is a software we use and this software is protected with a license or dongle. What should we do in this situation?

Of course, we should reach the software company and ask for support. Here the whole knot is unraveled and the software company may not be able to provide support, or the software company may have stopped its activities, or it may demand an exaggerated fee even though it has no right.

This is where we step in. Whatever the customer wants, we act according to his wishes and either crack the software he uses or, if he is using an existing dongle, we clone it.


If you need this kind of service, please contact us by filling out the order form.

Important Note

Please do not ask us the price if you did not send us the setup file of the software when you contacted us. Because we need analsis the software. You can upload the installation files on or

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