Zetec Ultravision Test With Sentinel HL Dongle

Complete UT testing and Phased Array

Zetec’s UltraVision 3 software controls ultrasonic signal reception (UT), displays real-time images of these signals and offers online and offline data analysis. UltraVision offers many advanced features and tools that increase UT inspection efficiency.

UltraVision 3 software manages all internal UT phase arrays and conventional UT systems from Zetec. In data analysis mode, older file formats (DAT, RDT, OPD and OUD) are supported in addition to the new UVData and BeamData formats. The UltraVision 3 interface is familiar to experienced UltraVision 1 users. 3D work environment The built-in 3D workspace allows you to create actual UltraVision 3 scan configurations and ray tracing with coverage mapping to see if you can see and cover the scan.

The parameters and results of the examination must be reported in a comprehensive report. The ultrasonic testing software is intuitive and allows users to easily design and simulate exams.
UltraVision supports many modern techniques and methods for ultrasonic testing UltraVision provides value and maintenance in critical inspection processes where reliability, performance and ease of use are required.

PC based software

Works effectively on high-performance laptops as well as high-end desktops in various Windows® operating systems. The development of inspection technology is the beginning of every ultrasonic inspection. Basic verification techniques can be done manually or with third party software. However, this is time consuming and requires transmission. UltraVision offers an expanded set of options for complex and custom geometries.

Basically for complex geometry controls Working with Custom Geometry Scanner maker tool layer.

Zetec Ultravision UV technology

UltraVision has an advanced focus calculator. One that is common to the entire Zetec UT portfolio. It can process probes with up to 256 elements and takes into account the integrated probe, wedge and material database. Graphical feedback is provided for focused law making. Legal centroid calculation, which supports both flat and cylindrical geometries, is simple, fast and accurate to ensure that the probe is optimally placed for inspection. The focus calculator supports all advanced ultrasound tests.
Techniques such as Phased Array Pulse Echo, Pitch and Catch, Tandem Mono and Dual and conventional TOFD.

UltraVision supports flexible probes that can adapt to surfaces that are inspected irregularly. UltraVision can compute the law of focus to match the surface profile.

UltraVision will design probes that will meet application requirements, evaluate theoretical parameters, compute beam parameters and provide a 3D acoustic beam simulation. Beam behavior is also simulated if one of the channels is damaged. In addition, the calculated wedge parameters can be exported to facilitate wedge production.

Data collection

When it comes to setup, calibration and data collection, UltraVision can handle it all.
UV data extraction

In the build setup, UltraVision can effectively manage user rights (from individual to group) and ensure verification integrity. UT settings, mechanics and screen display may be restricted to certain users or groups
Various tools are available for calibration to check the calibration of mechanical and UT parameters. Automatic probe recognition identifies connected probes, reads probe parameters, serial number and tracks all probe changes
When collecting data, UltraVision receives all the data necessary for an accurate and reliable inspection. This data is stored in data files which can be up to 20GB in size and can be sent or exported depending on the user’s requirements.

Zetec Ultravision Data analysis

UltraVision’s powerful data analysis capabilities provide verification advantages.

UV analysis

Views and Axes: Provides a number of advanced views that can be adjusted, corrected, or corrected in three dimensions. The software can also convert between Cartesian and polar coordinate systems and convert linear signals to logarithmic
Analysis Support: A variety of tools are available to support data analysis and measure specifications
File management: data can be sent or exported depending on user requirements
Processing tools: UltraVision also offers a variety of processing tools that offer different formats for data display and correction processing. Original raw data is never compromised
Parameters: All UT and mechanical parameters can be displayed and displayed in the information field. Special information is stored with a dynamic link to Excel where certain calculations can be performed


With UltraVision, reading is extremely flexible and powerful. UV measurement The information is automatically published in the export information table. These can be exported to Excel or as a full report. Additional configurable custom fields can be created to provide additional information to the report. The information is applied directly to the 3D view of the sample being examined. Best of all, there are a variety of pre-built reports that make the reporting process easier.