SierraSoft Roads BIM software Test With Sentinel HL Dongle


SierraSoft Roads is BIM software for road and highway design
The ease of use, outstanding features and functional design of SierraSoft Roads means that it designs all types of roads, freeways, roundabouts, intersections, intersections, entry / exit routes, etc. Fast and accurate.
SierraSoft Roads automates all phases of the design and makes things very easy. The designer always has complete control over construction data and constant access to all its information.
Based on a reliable BIM modeller, you can manage BIM processes / flows, ensure interoperability with other applications, and exchange information via open file formats.

It is possible to create projects very easily.
Insert axes and define typical sections. You get a finished project with just one click.
Do you need to make changes? You can do it right where you need it and then everything will be updated with one click.



Whether it’s a roundabout, junction or complex intersection, you can design it faster and more accurately than ever with SierraSoft Roads. With just a few clicks you can 3D render the contours and transform them instantly.

Typical portions

Just make typical parametric parts
Create and customize your signature piece like never before thanks to SierraSoft Roads’ intuitive system: a simple object-oriented system combined with a very powerful parametric system. Sections and Profiles

Select the data you want to extract
SierraSoft Roads automatically creates profiles and model sections, surveys with a laser scanner and digital maps.
You can extract and analyze edges, walls, trenches and other elements from the section directly in the profile.


Calculate the volume according to your needs
From the items available in the section, you can get the volume you want just by pasting the cut link, fill, layer, etc.
Based on the elements available in the section, you decide which area and volume you want to estimate.

Point clouds

Upload and manage point clouds in a very easy way

Expand the area where you can manage your project. Split your work across multiple windows, pages, or monitors. All data and views are synchronized in real-time. Start drawing in one window and continue in another on a separate monitor.
Find new dimensions to work with.