Cylon Engineering Centre Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

Better workflow, faster project development, more consistent strategy, and lower project costs! The recently expanded Cylon Controls Engineering Center 7.02 software offers system integrators all the tools to rapidly develop an operating strategy for Cylon controller applications.

This allows for increased performance by presenting embedded applications and automatically syncing with the award-winning Aspect® control panel and graphics on the Cylon front end. The result: Less time to develop a more consistent cleaning program, strategy and schedule.

Reduced commissioning time Faster learning – faster acceleration Reduced service and maintenance time Improved user interface.

Cylon Engineering Centre

With Unitron’s upload function, the Cylon site doesn’t need any more revisions.

As an example;
in the case of an older site or project to upgrade a Cylon product or data loss due to computer failure;

The upload function detects the site and downloads the strategy from the installed Unitron controller.


This simplifies

The previous upload strategy, even if it hasn’t been on your computer before. Handle strategy with confidence as Unitron’s upload process also ensures that global files are uploaded and consistent.
Never lose data again. Never lose data due to network connection failure or computer shutdown.

The Unitron upload process lets you continue right where you left off and ensures your data is correct when it’s done.


Multisite Import multiple Engineering Center sites for Aspect multisite applications.
Multiple points can be programmed at once. Aspect Studio is zero data entry errors, resulting in tighter integration with reliable data.

If the strategy changes in the future, the data can be re-imported, saving valuable development time.

The Engineering Center (EC7.02) contains over 35 complete application libraries for typical installation systems and junction boxes that can serve as a basis for rapidly developing specific management strategies specific to your implementation.

For example, instead of having to develop a strategy from scratch and load general application strategies for fully heated, cooled and fresh air air conditioners, you can start with a pre-configured application template.
Then edit and modify the specific requirements of your project and upload it to your controller.