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Winner Design 12 Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

New Winner Design 12

Inspire customers with striking designs that use the most advanced image rendering platform to bring your designs to life. The new-look Winner Design also delivers a fresh and modern new look that will make designing the kitchen even quicker and easier.

The new update includes:

  • Instant 3D photo-realistic images as you design
  • New modern UI that helps you find what you need quickly
  • Higher quality renders with new enhancement settings

New user interface Winner Design 12

Find what you need quickly in a clean and modern UI that will make designing even easier.

Instant 3D images

Impress your customer with improved 3D images as you bring your designs to life in front of them.

Image editing

Enhance the look of your images with new editing options that give you more control of the final render.
Improved usability

Get to what you need in fewer clicks thanks to a number of improvements to make designing, pricing, and ordering effortless.

The New Look! With Version 12 we are bringing a brand new style to Winner Design. You will now notice the new product color throughout the entire user interface. From the updated load screen to a refreshing set of icons, you can be sure that Winner Design will look both modern and user-friendly throughout. Continue to confidently plan and design in Version 12 with an interface you are familiar with.


Kitchen designs need to be done correctly in terms of use. For this reason, attention should be paid to the interior decoration and working order, and extra care should be taken in kitchen design. Since the kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas in the house, more attention should be paid to the designs. “How should the kitchen design be?” The question is asked here as a key question. For this reason, it is necessary to know certain golden rules for the interior of the kitchen and to make the kitchen designs correctly. Questions such as how the kitchen design should be and what should be done are the most important questions at this point.

Color Selection

Today, the choice of color according to the type of kitchen is very popular and the right one. However, in general, the dark color fashion also shows itself in kitchen designs. However, if there is a kitchen structure that does not receive sunlight, the use of dark colors will be a negative example for the question of how the kitchen design should be.

For this reason, color selections should be made according to the kitchen structure. Instead of using dark colors that show as dark and small, more spacious and bright color choices should be used.

Choosing the items to be used in the kitchen design in harmony with these colors can give a beautiful image. For this reason, you should choose cabinet colors in medium tones when choosing colors. It is most important that you make dirt-free choices in these elections. Dirt formed in cabinet opening and closing processes and cabinet openings is not easily removed.