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HALBER Design of steel frame Test With Sentinel HL Dongle

About The HALBER

HALBER constitutes a comprehensive and very advanced tool for style of steel frame buildings.

The whole building is being designed: frames, gable frames, connections, purlins, wind lattices etc.. The program supports many codes and provides complete documentation for the code compliance.  CAD-drawings during a range of languages.

The system includes symmetrical and asymmetrical saddleback buildings and pilt roof buildings. The buildings and also the superior design conditions are outlined by suggests that of some main data: span, edge height, inclination of the roof, length, parcel of land class, snow zone, safety category and material management class.

HALBER Design of steel What is Space Roof?

There are many methods applied in building construction. Like the methods applied in the construction of the constructions, the roofs of the constructions also have different forms of construction. Thanks to the roofs, even a simple building can be given a magnificent look or you can help it look different than it is. One of the roofs that are strong and durable in terms of their structures is the space roof and the usage area of ​​the extend roof is quite wide. Let’s examine the space roof together.

About Space Roof

Which are frequently used in aquaparks, sports facilities, industries, factories and storage areas.

Exhibitions stadiums, bus stations, are formed in three dimensions by interlocking bar steel pipes with two ends, giving a network appearance. It is mostly preferred in playgrounds and building areas where the visual layout is expected to be different.

The roof is one of the roofs produced using steel material and will provide all the advantages of steel material. Produced from the material used by Roof Steel Roof, is suitable for use without the need for maintenance and repair for a long time, without rusting and other environmental problems. It is also called space frame roof systems.


Why is Space Roof Advantageous?

  • Easily load-bearing structures from both sides.
  • They can be used comfortably in large and wide areas with easy assembly and use of light materials.
  • It can be arranged and assembled in any desired form with a structure.
  • Provides an easy adaptation in temperature changes.
  • All kinds of ventilation and air conditioning can be applied inside.


HALBER Design of steel Advantages of Space Frame Roof Systems

  • They are structures suitable for prefabrication.
  • Create any shape whose geometry is defined.
  • Structures that transfer loads in both directions.
  • Because they are modular and light, they allow very large openings to be passed.
  • From within the space system; air conditioning ventilation ducts, installation and electrical pipes can be easily passed in all directions. Natural lighting can be provided.

It is economical in both superstructure and infrastructure.

Since the manufacturing and assembly times are very short, the increases in construction costs over time are eliminated.

These systems, which can cover a large area without a column, offer an unlimited layout opportunity for production. The use of the space cage system in the logistics warehouses used by the facilities for raw material input and product output ensures the most effective and efficient transportation and storage functions.

The halls where sports games take place are areas where the wide opening is inevitable. A carrier element cannot be placed between the spectator and the sports field to prevent the view. While this functional feature makes it necessary for sports complexes to be large-span structures, it also makes the use of space cage systems widespread.

And it is also used in congress and fair centers, exhibition and museum buildings, cinema and theater halls, performance centers, airports, stadiums where very large deficits will be passed.