VM Configuration Utility Test with HASP Dongle Clone


About Kidde

Founded by Walter Kidde, a pioneer in early smoke detection and fire suppression. Kidde is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fire safety products.
Each day, we work to expand upon our legacy of innovation, providing advanced solutions to protect people and property from fire and related hazards.


Fire alarm systems;

It has been developed to detect a possible fire situation as soon as possible thanks to detection elements such as heat detectors.

Smoke detectors, fire alarm buttons and flame detectors. The system transmits the fire warning from the detectors to the warning panel and provides the opportunity to intervene in the fire by sending notifications to the relevant units through the warning elements. On the other hand, units that may pose a danger (gas, electricity) are deactivated.

Extinguishing systems and the safe time required for the evacuation of the area is gained. Fire alarm systems consist of fire detection elements (detector, flasher, button) and a warning panel. Panels are divided into two parts as conventional and addressable. What is conventional fire panel? Where to use?

This software is useful for programming Fire panels. It is the same as the panels used by the Edward company, only the name change has been used. Dongle encoding is different.

VM Configuration Utility  Conventional Fire Panel

In conventional fire panels, the notification comes from the group where the detection elements called zone are gathered. More than one fire alarm button and detector can be connected to each zone. When the detectors detect any fire or the alarm button is pressed, the system receives a notification from the zone panel it is connected to.

These notifications activate the sirens in the area, and also inform the monitoring center. In this way, it is determined from which zone the fire comes from the zone panel.

VM Configuration Utility  Conventional Fire Panel Features

Kidde fire panels have 8 zone inputs. These inputs can be expanded up to 24 zones if desired. A total of 504 detectors can be supported, 21 detectors per zone. Kidde conventional fire panels activate the warning system in case of possible gas leaks with a gas detector connection.

Thanks to the extinguishing card, dangerous units such as electricity and gas are deactivated in case of the fire alarm to prevent loss of life and property.


The user has contacted us because he is worried about the loss of the dongle. The dongle has been copied and delivered as requested.