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Tellabs 8000 Intelligent Network Manager Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle


Intelligent Network Manager (INM) is used by public network operators and service providers to build or enhance their networks. Typical applications managed through Tellabs 8000 INM include cellular transport solutions and business service solutions.

The system comprises a range of network elements, terminating units, and the Tellabs 8000 INM network management system. The Tellabs 8000 INM is used to centralize control of a wide range of components including modems, network terminating units, and backbone nodes. Operators can use the Tellabs 8000 INM to fix problems around their system from a single management center.

Tellabs 8000 Challenges of Today’s Mobile and Fixed-Mobile Converged Networks

In wireless networks, the Radio Access Network (RAN) evolution is accelerating the migration of mobile services to an all-IP network; mobile service providers are therefore looking for a way to migrate their current RAN towards Long Term Evolution (LTE) and to find the most economical way to arrange the transport

In wireline networks, business and residential services are predominately IP and Ethernet-based; with increasing bandwidth requirements and new service delivery models, legacy infrastructures are becoming inefficient and expensive to maintain

Fixed and wireless convergence happens both in the services and in the underlying networks. The distinction between these previously separate applications is now becoming blurred and operators are looking for a platform that can consolidate both service types into single network infrastructure.

Intelligent Network Manager

The Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager provides end-to-end management for mobile backhaul applications and enables full
GUI-based management for the network and related services and connections.

The Tellabs 8000 INM is a unified management tool, which manages 10 Tellabs product families:

  • 3700 Multimedia Controller
  • 5500 Digital Cross-Connect System
  • 5320L Digital
  • 6300 Managed Transport System
  • 7100 Optical Transport System
  • 7300 Metro Ethernet Switching Series 8100 Managed Access System
  • 8600 Managed Edge System
  • 8800 Multiservice Router Series
  • SmartCore® 9100 Series

With these systems, service providers can offer managed TDM services in SDH, optical and PDH networks as well as IP VPN, Ethernet, ATM, FR and TDM connectivity services in MPLS networks with flexible capacities. The Tellabs 8000 INM is developed for

the service provider environment with great scalability and easy usability requirements in mind.