Planit Fusion Connect Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle


One of the hottest trends in kitchen design is the addition of stacked trim to wall cabinets. You can use Planit Fusion software to automatically add this graphic to your designs in a simplified procedure in two layers of the program, and then use the drawings you create to help sell your value as a kitchen designer to your clients.

Generating elevation and perspective views will enhance your sales presentation. You can also dissect the trim to create detailed drawings for installers using notations on the plan, and elevation views.

Planit Fusion Connect

Planit Fusion, the retail design business of the United Kingdom-based Planit Holdings Limited, offers interior design programs that combine design features with sales management tools to provide total support for businesses, including kitchens, baths and bedrooms.

Targeted for dealers, designers, retailers, homebuilders and remodelers, the Fusion products provide high-quality graphical presentations and integrated front-end and ordering systems. The Fusion software is a welcome addition to 20-20’s already extensive product portfolio and 20-20 says it intends to maximize the benefit of this newly acquired asset.

Planit Fusion Connect

In recent times, the need to have flexible working has become essential. In response to this need, 2020 Fusion Live uses digital licensing, tying the license to the user and not the computer, removing the need for a dongle and its disadvantages. This will allow you to access your designs anywhere at any time.

Instantly Share Designs

Engage with your customers throughout the design process with Live Share. With one click, you can instantly send your plans, elevations, or 3D perspectives to your customer to show them the progress of their design project. When you make changes to their design, the solution allows your customer to see these in real-time on any device and from any location.

Integrated Virtual Reality

2020 recognizes how virtual reality is changing the world of interior design. Hence, our new solution includes an integrated virtual reality mode that provides your clients with a fully immersive experience. With just the click of a button, you can transport your clients into their dream space.