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Tekla Structures 2020 Test with FlexNet License Backup


Tekla Firm is a company that produces great software for civil engineers. It is the company that codes the best BIM software used in the world. There are construction companies that have signed Magnificent Projects thanks to their software. Tekla Structures is a very useful software that makes the infrastructure, Design, 3D configuration, and Costing of a construction. It is indispensable for engineers.

Tekla firm has 6 software within its structure. It has useful features such as Steel, Building calculations, Design.

Tekla Structures 2020 Some Features

  • 3D Design
  • Cost Calculation
  • The configuration according to Local Standards
  • Structure Analysis
  • Risk calculation

Licensing Model it uses It has an advanced licensing model. Existing computers can be easily licensed when logged in with only Email and password. When FlexNet was used 15 years ago, many settings had to be made.

So Why Required Backup?

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow a global crisis broke out and the Firm closed? and therefore the Server is shut down. And the Program has stopped working.
After our customer, who is aware of this situation, sent us this request, Light appeared as a result of our detailed analyzes and Reverse Engineering studies and the license was backed up.

We informed our customers. You should only use this solution when the Software has become unusable for the reasons stated above.

As a result of our process, you can license your software with your own skills without the need for any internet connection.

Tekla Structures 2020Trimble

Yes, What can we say about this Trimble Company? One word? All I can say is Gorgeous. Because it is a productive firm in terms of software and visualization in the field of Construction, Environment, Map Engineering. You know, we say Technology has improved a lot, what the folks are doing! Here are the construction or engineering companies we call this nation. They owe all this to Trimble and a few companies operating like him.
luckily, Trimble!


Please do not ask us about the price of this software because this Program is not sold or distributed on this site. If you want to buy, you need to contact Tekla.