Sinwa UniDraf7 Test with Sentinel UltaraPro Dongle Clone Backup

It is a control board design CAD currently used Most in Japan. Unicode is supported.

Sinwa UniDraf7 Drawing Creation / Management

Drawings required for a control board are manageable by one file.

Commands: We thought for beginners and experts and pursued advanced functions and refined operativity.

Sinwa UniDraf7 AutoComplete

A character string is predicted and displayed based on an Electic dictionary and former input. Drawing Search The target drawing file can be searched not only from a file name but from a creation date an updated date, and the variety of information in a drawing file.

Coil reference & contact Comment

The Unidraf use Place of a contact a coil address, and a contact comment are displayed in real-time.

There are their kinds of coil references, list form coil line origin and “A/B List form” Moreover, the device of relation is searched with easy click operation, and it can jump quickly there.


  • Displays the destination and source of a wire number in real-time.
  • Moreover, the number of relations is searched with easy click operation, and it can jump quickly there.


Because Unicode is supported, a foreign language can be automatically written together to a comment by registering foreign languages applicable to a native language.

About Sinwa:

Sinwa Company is a company based in Japan, which is in the field of IT and also trains Engineers. They have studies on electrical engineering. He is the Creator of Unidraf software and has thousands of users around the world.
Sinwa was founded in 1972 in Japan. This means that we can say that he is one of the first connoisseurs of technology. It is the most prominent example of Japanese engineering that speaks all over the world.

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