Synrad WinMark Pro Dongle Test with SuperPro Clone


Outdated scan head

The following is a list of outdated Synrad head scans. This scan head is no longer supported. We encourage users to upgrade to the latest model for optimal system performance and results. Synrad offers a commercial program that allows users to upgrade outdated Synrad scanner heads to the latest FH Flyer or FH Flyer 3D scanner heads. Please contact Synrad Sales for more information.

Fenix ​​Flyer 3.80.fhz firmware update


Download and install the latest version of the Fenix ​​Flyer and WinMark Pro scanning head firmware version 6.3. Copy the self-extracting EXE file and run it on your hard drive. Open WinMark Pro from the Help menu and select Update Firmware Flyer.

Click here to download an open source software module and / or a copy of the GNU GPL and view the open source pages. The FH Flyer 3D Scanning Heads includes several free, open source software modules that are distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 2, the GNU Version 2.1 Lesser General Public License, and the FreeType Project License. The source code for this module is available to all users under the terms of this license.

Download the Synrad WinMark Pro software

Use the matrix below to find the correct WinMark Pro version to download for use with your scan head.

1. Find the appropriate image that matches the scan head you are using. If your scan head does not fit into this list, take a picture

2. Find the Windows® version running on the computer where you want to install WinMark Pro:

A. When WinMark Pro Download appears, click the link to start the download process.

b. If the Windows version is not displayed, your scan header cannot start with the version of Windows that you have. Consider upgrading to a supported version of Windows or replacing your computer.

We have a trading program that can be used to upgrade your scan head to a FH Flyer or Flyer 3D Scanning Head. Please contact Synrad Sales for more information.