GEO5 2020 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone and Emulation.

GEO5 could be a software package suite, providing resolution for the majority of geotechnical tasks.

Individual programs have a similar computer program and communicate with one another, whereas every program verifies definite structure sort.


GEO5 Solutions

Stability Analysis

Analysis of slope stability, rock slopes, and MSE walls.

Excavation style

Design and verification of retentive structures, diaphragm, and pile walls.

Walls and Gabion

The complex style of gravity, cantilever and prefab retentive walls.

Shallow Foundations

Bearing capability and settlement of unfold footing, strip footing and slabs.

GEO5 2020 Sentinel  Deep Foundations

Bearing capability and settlement of piles and pile teams.

Settlement Analysis

Analysis of settlement and consolidation of foundation soil.

Tunnels and Shafts

Analysis of tunnels, underground structures, and vertical shafts.

Geological Survey

Terrain and soil modeling supported geologic surveys.

Field Tests

Analysis of structures supported field tests (SPT, CPT, DMT, PMT)

The basic program for stability analysis is Slope Stability. It allows style and analysis of slope stability with circular or plane figure surface and automatic improvement of slip surface. It cooperates with all programs for analysis of Excavation styles and wall styles. It allows the creation of anchors, georein forcemeats, surcharge, and earthquake effects modeling.

The program for analysis of MSE Walls strengthened by George enforcements is MSE Wall, which contains outsized information of George enforcements of various production companies. The program for nailed slope analysis (passive nails with shotcrete face or steel mesh) is named Nailed Slope.

The Rock Stability program is selected for analysis of rock slope stability for a specific variety of failures, as well as a plate like or plane figure slip surface or rock wedge.The Anti-Slide Pile program is employed for the style of pile walls helpful slope movement or increasing factor of safety of the slope.

All stability issues may also be resolved by finite part methodology (fi,c reduction method) within the FEM program. The groundwater level is calculated within the FEM – Water Flow program, then passed into Slope Stability or FEM programs for stability analysis.