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Metalix CNCKAD V18 Test with Dongle / Clone or Crack

Announcing the official release of the cncKad V18 After extensive field testing, the cncKad V18 was officially released. Equipped with over 150 new functions and support for the latest machine models and sheet metal machining technology, the V18 is sure to increase your productivity, machine usage, and materials.

Metalix software supports the production life cycle:

Import all standard 2D and 3D project formats Use of various technologies to process sheet metal products Generate NC codes for almost any machine on the market.

cncKad 18 is the only system that integrates CAD / CAM functions in the same module. Geometry, dimensions, and technology (punching/cutting) are fully associative; If you change the geometry, cncKad will automatically update the dimensions and definitions for punching or cutting.

To date, cncKad has supplied more than 1,300 different machine models from more than 160 manufacturers with electric power. If necessary, others can be added. This great solution also transfers parts from one technology or machine type to another, i.e. B. hammer on the laser.

cncKad has a responsive and modular belt interface

Metalix software is easy to learn, use, and speak in more than twenty languages. Metalix software is known for its excellence. Metalix solutions are based on a thorough understanding of technological limitations and optimizing material consumption and production times. Metalix maintains its market leadership status by adapting its products to the latest advances in sheet metal machining. Metalix is ​​in constant touch with local and international end users and responds to customer feedback quickly by developing bespoke solutions as needed.

Metalix CNCKAD V18 Some of the highlights are:

Extended handling from conventional cutting to laser/plasma and postage. We present to you the MADAF – Metalix application for doors and frames – parametric creation of all tools + door/frame geometry, ERP integration. In the CAM tab => cut out CAM group => add crop => parameter table => approach there is a new L Type option. This is useful for avoiding too hot entry points. Can be adjusted separately for holes and sections.

If Push Out MJ handling => Processing Group => Auto Cut => Part Processing Section (PH) is selected on the Home tab, Push Out is automatically canceled by adding a Micro Joint to the contour. If you can’t add a Micro Joint, Push

Outis will be used.

When SolidWorks is in multi-configuration mode and you select a specific configuration (in the configuration tree), only the selected configuration is exported. When exporting all configurations there is no choice (standard case).

Now you can assign a production batch to a specific sheet in Job Track and track this sheet and its backlog. Enable this function in Manager ab => Setup group => Options => Manage production lots. If you already have a sheet database and want to assign a production batch to all sheets, select Automatically create production batch for registered materials.

After creating daily work in Auto-Nest with all parts and parameters, click on the Create JT Order button. The Create New Job dialog box opens and the job name is automatically generated according to the settings in the Job Track Options. You can edit the order if necessary.