Spatial Analyzer Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle Clone

Spatial Analyzer is the leading portable measurement software solution for large scale applications.

SA is a tool-independent and traceable 3D graphics software platform that allows users to easily integrate data from multiple tools and easily perform complex tasks to ultimately improve performance. Click below to watch a video that introduces you to the power of SA.

SA is a highly flexible, tool-independent, traceable 3D graphics software platform that allows users to easily:

  • Check the parts
  • construction
  • Analyze the data
  • report
  • Reverse design
  • Interface to almost any portable measuring device
  • Automate complex operations to increase measurement and verification efficiency.

SA helps clients achieve:

  • Explore a wide variety of topics, from simple to complex
  • Save time, money, effort, and ultimately increase productivity
  • Set a return on investment and achieve goals that were not possible before.

Regardless of the instrument, the SA can simultaneously communicate with almost all types and types of portable measuring instruments and easily perform complex tasks

SA can also integrate data from various tools and help users find the best optimizations to increase accuracy,

save time and reduce scrap.

By interacting with more than 120 tools (laser tracker, local GPS, portable CMM, theodolite, total station, laser scanner, etc.), SA offers a simple common interface for each class of tools.

Since its inception, SA has been involved in cutting-edge, innovative applications in nearly every industry involving large-scale manufacturing. SA receivers are among the leading global manufacturers in the aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, satellite and automotive industries.

Spatial Analyzer Sentinel continues to evolve and evolve to meet customer needs and goals.

New River Kinematics (NRK) ‘s SpatialAnalyzer (SA) is core software for measuring,

aligning and reporting on all portable measuring instruments in large production environments.

There are two main SA software packages that meet different needs and purposes for measuring accuracy.

Both SA packages can simulate almost any number and type of handheld meter. Dedicated software solutions are also available for customers with unique metrological challenges. Click here to access the SA newsletter and a detailed function matrix.

Spatial Analyzer Sentinel Professional

Spatial Analyzer Sentinel Professional with native CAD is professional software to measure, align, test, analyze and report on all portable measuring instruments. In addition to all the basic measurement requirements, it includes some key functions for verification, geometry and measurement automation.

SA Ultimate

SA Ultimate plus Native CAD is a first-class software package for measurement, optimization, analysis, reporting and automation for all portable instruments.

SA Ultimate includes everything that is included in SA Professional, plus the following features.

Spatial Analyzer Sentinel robot calibration device

SA Robot Calibration Tool allows you to apply the calibrated kinematic model of the robot in your native robot language program.

So in robotic language you can trigger metrological measurements at different robot positions,

calibrate this data and then use the calibrated model while continuing the program and moving the robot as usual.

This is achieved via a small standalone computer that can communicate with the robot controller to access calibrated kinematics.

This means you don’t have to change the robot’s internal-kinematics-model. Instead,

you can skip the calibration tool and use an external calibration kinematic model.

Another feature is that you can easily switch between multiple kinematic models for different focus areas. This allows you to calibrate the robot locally for a task and achieve higher accuracy.

Metrological measurements used in the calibration process are carried out with the

Spatial Analyzer (SA) measurement platform. Simply connect the SA to the calibration device via the network and it will then initiate the measurements required by your robot program. As soon as the calibration is complete the SpatialAnalyzer is no longer required and the SA Robot

Calibration Tool can provide the robot with kinematics that is calibrated as a standalone device.

CAD inspection tool

The SA CAD verification application is a solution that can be used to identify and generate detailed compliance reports to validate the interoperability of CAD model data.