MWM Tem Evo CAT Jview Wibu-Box Dongle Clone and Duplicate

This TEM is very sensitive to spare batteries and it is very important to replace the spare battery.  If the performance is reduced to EEPROM, the application program will be lost. In this case the

TEM system processor cannot be used. Then we modified the TEM system with the COMAP system. This is the case where the TEM-EVO and EEPROM control system may be outside the application program or the hardware may not function properly.


will not function. . In this case the TEM system processor cannot be used. We then modified the TEM system via the COMAP system, but there are situations where the ignition system needs to be controlled by the processor and this requires special tools and our technicians are trained in this ZS1 or ZS3 ignition system. This client key contains all the legal requirements to provide the necessary access processes. Prices and fees for user keys can be found in the seminar program. MWM Tem Evo CAT An overview of the current system software is required. If necessary, updates are made to ensure safe access. Depending on the work content, carrying a laptop is also beneficial.

Introduction to combustion control:

Exhaust emissions, lambda operation, setpoint adjustment, power reduction, gas fuel properties, exhaust gas classification, detonation, ignition temperature Structure and functions of components and systems Gas control lines, gas-air mixture, ignition system, sensors (PT 100, thermocouple, sensors, etc.), cooling / heating – / emergency cooling circuit, reading and understanding PI flow diagrams, components, safety circuits, installation management, TEM cabinet, PLC, TEM sensor operation terminal settings Parameter description based on operation level 100 of the TEM system screen menu, manual and automatic operation, calibration and diagnosis.


  • Additional test modes, speed control, ignition system, stories, operation logs Error handling Checklist for system fault diagnosis, troubleshooting,
  • characteristic evaluation is a curve using operation log and data recording
  • Practical demonstration with simulator Manual / automatic operation, hanging ramps ° C, tapping, Au Select and record a progress curve.
  • Training opportunities for customers and operators The right experience is an essential basic requirement for the operation of the special services that qualify for our gas engines, generators and CHP systems.
  • For this reason, our training unit is an essential part of the entire range of services offered by MWM.

Cross-system information

Thanks to Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH’s extensive expertise in engine technology, the individual training course content is always comprehensive and offers well-founded and easy-to-understand knowledge with cross-system information. Centralized and decentralized training courses Courses are held at the training center in Mannheim. If necessary, basic and additional training can be organized regionally. In terms of content, you can choose between sequential advanced courses and concise, topic-specific individual seminars.