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Transas Aurora World Builder Test on Sentinel Dongle

The AURORA visual system is an advanced software package offering a wide variety of

simulators and technical training aids with a very realistic representation of conditions outside the cockpit.
Aurora meets the ICAO international qualification standards for imaging systems for complex D-level aircraft simulators.

Transas Aurora World Builder
One of the main advantages of this system is the low level of investment required – both in terms of time and money.

A specially developed software package includes the Aurora Airfield Modeler (software for automatic or interactive airport modeling),

Aurora Object Modeler (a module for exporting elements from Autodesk 3DMAX’s 3D modeling program) and Aurora World Builder (a module for creating landscapes). and others allow users to quickly, easily, and efficiently create virtual environments with highly realistic visual views.

Transas products include integrated on-board and ground systems, marine and aviation equipment, flight simulators and training equipment, security systems, geographic information systems, air vehicles and drones, and training solutions.

Transas Aurora World Builder

  • The Transas Group is a leading global provider of marine navigation systems and vocational training equipment for marine traders.
  • The Transas Group has a strong market share in the field of avionics and complete flight simulators in Russia.
  • Our products and solutions have been successfully implemented in more than 130 countries around the world.

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The constant pursuit of innovation, sophisticated strategies and consistent implementation has made

Transas one of the few Russian IT companies that has succeeded not only in succeeding in their domestic market, but also of conquering the world.
In 1998 the company started an entirely new business with products and solutions for the aviation industry.

Strong intellectual potential combined with extensive experience and technical experience in the maritime sector has enabled

Transas to successfully develop this new field in one of the largest business areas in the Group’s portfolio today.
Over the following decades, Transas used its experience in developing innovative high-tech products and solutions to expand into other fields: oil and gas, defense, unmanned aerial vehicles, rail, space and satellite, education and entertainment.

Today, Transas is a large international company that not only holds global leadership positions in

a number of traditional companies, but is also actively looking for new opportunities and building capacity in the most promising market segments to create a solid foundation for long-term sustainable development.