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It is software produced by PTL Communications Company operating in Singapore. The purpose of this software is that while watching a movie in an unfamiliar language. We see the language in our native language as a subtitle at the bottom. We call this movie with subtitles in Folk language.


When watching movies with subtitles, it is necessary to convey the theme that is intended to be narrated shortly and concisely. As the audience will watch the movie and read the subtitle. In order not to spoil the visuality of the film. Subtitles are written down to the essence and shortened and transferred to the audience. Image and caption should complement each other. The subtitle should never belong, and should not exceed two lines for the viewer to visually follow the movie. During each conversation, information should be given with subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Subtitle translators should be experienced, with a good academic education, and fluent in several foreign languages. It should be one of those who enjoy acting as a bridge between two cultures. The benefit of subtitle translations is that it helps to learn the source language in the film more quickly.

With the help of subtitles, viewers who understand the speech can learn how to say the expression in the source language. Watching movies with lots of subtitles will make learning a foreign language easier. A well-written subtitle does not attract attention. Giving the impression that we understand what is being spoken.

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How to Add Subtitles to Videos?

There are subtitle programs that you can add under your videos on your computer. You need these programs to add subtitles to videos. As well as paid programs, there are also video editing programs. That makes this job free.


Does subtitle matter?

Yes, It is very important in every sense. Let’s list them and learn in what sense.

  • Helps us to understand a language we do not know.
  • It helps us learn a language we are trying to learn.
  • Increases our reading habits.
  • Improve our understanding.
  • Allows us to be Focused and Concentrated. In this way, it allows us to understand whatever we are watching or listening to.

Subtitles are very important not only in the Film industry but also in the Music industry. This is because it is indispensable for karaoke addicts. The feature that distinguishes. This program from others is that it is one of the first to be built.