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InfoNET Suite Innovyze GIS Software Test With Sentinel Dongle

Professional  GIS Asset Manag. of water and sewer systems.

What is GIS?

GIS applications and the start of the GIS field first mapped the cholera epidemic in 1832. By Charles Picquet in 48 districts of Paris, then in 1854 British doctor. John Snow created a map of the same principle to show the increased deaths due to cholera, spatially. It is in the form of detecting the source and preventing the problem.

He was thinking of using a computer to combine all-natural resource data of Canada and created an automatic computing system to store and process large amounts of data, enabling Canada to start its national land-use management program.

How Start InfoNET Suite Innovyze

Roger Tomlinson’s work to start, plan and develop Canadian Geographic Information Systems resulted in the first computerized GIS in 1963.

This process was followed by commercial desktop software released in the early ’80s.  GIS became widespread in the Turkish market in the 1990s, especially with desktop GIS programs after Windows 95. After 2000, corporate GIS systems started to spread.


This software was coded and watered by AquaMOD LTD. AquaMOD is a world-renowned company that is born in Bulgaria. Doing engineering studies on Water and Sewerage solutions.

Since 2007, it has been continuing its work without speeding. There are several license modules available to the software.


  • Desktop PC
  • Suite
  • Executive Suite
  • Exchange
  • TSBD
  • Viewer

We think that the InfoNET Suite Innovyze version includes all the modules. The dongle was also limited in time and this limit was lifted upon our customer’s request. Of course, he had to prove to us that he did not have any debt.  After the proof was made, we did our part in the best way. Sentinel was using the SuperPro dongle. We can make Virtual or Physical copies of these Style dongles according to demand completely.