Pa­let­te CAD Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone and Backup

This CAD Software is a computer program developed to facilitate the processes of interior architects. Where magnificent designs will be made in 3D.

3D Modeling

In 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling or direct modeling is mathematical. Expression of an object in 3 dimensions with all its surfaces.

Various computer programs are used to model the image of any living or non-living creature in three dimensions. The designed 3D model can be turned into a real physical. Object using one of the printing technologies in 3D printers.

What is 3D Design?

  • As we mentioned above, 3D modeling; It was to create a 3D digital.
  • Form of an existing living or non-living being. 3D design, on the other hand, is the transfer.
  • The part determined on paper according to a need.
  • Area of use, engineering calculations, to the computer environment.

Pa­let­te CAD

With 100% clarity – it sees what the furniture will look like. Before ordering and eliminates possible mistakes and disputes in ordering.

Time savings because the customer can be directly involved in the sales concept. The time you spend on customer service increases. You eliminate unnecessary waste of time for you and your customer. Cost calculation/bidding  you can design the kitchen on your web page and manage it up to all details.

Make visitors to your site your customer by converting them into buyers. The customer can quickly draw the kitchen they want and see it in a realistic view, making the decision on the purchase.
Capture new customer potential reach the customer segment that wants to design their own kitchen.

  • Optimize your employee’s time – a project is created in 5-10 minutes, including a quote.
  • This means that the salesperson or architect. Will spend all of his time more efficiently converting his projects into sales.
  • Reducing the workload, instead of spending time separately with unnecessary programs.
  • Visualization and pricing Improve your dealer network a user-friendly. Tool for dealer studies and pricing.

Lower your costs and have a better technological experience. You won’t be forced into the high hardware costs required by alternative desktop drawing programs. Do not lag behind the competition keep your innovative company image fresh towards your customers. give them a unique experience!