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About Nautis

VSTEP, namely Nautis, is a technology company established in the Netherlands in 2002, which has studies on software and hardware technologies and also conducts professional simulation studies.
Its general field of study is on Maritime.

Theoretically, first of all, students who have devoted themselves to using ships should do these operations virtually. Nautis software is very successful in this regard. With Virtual Reality technology, we can say that it is almost impossible to separate it from the reality.

They are working not only on Ship Use, but also on Ship equipment. If it is necessary to give an example, GMDSS comes first. the boiler room is also among them. There are many options such as the use of radar systems, the use of radio, the use of encrypted correspondence, the use of GPS, MF, HF, Fleet, NAVTEX, Inmarsat, VHF.

Why you need VSTEP NAUTIS GMDSS backup?

I think we have Backups of almost all software belonging to Nautis company. Vstep Kurumasl and Global is a large company and if your dongle is lost, stolen or broken, you may need to obtain a new one for a new license fee, and we recommend you to make a backup of the dongle as soon as this will cause you a waste of time.

What is GMDSS Software?

Global Maritime Distress Safety System There are many events to be experienced in the seas, There are many communication tools on board at this time of danger. Using these communication tools requires knowledge and experience on its own.

Some of them,

  • Satellite phone,
  • Radio,
  • GPS,
  • MF, HF,
  • Fleet,
  • Inmarsat,
  • VHF,

The software that we copied dongles is exactly

what I do. Almost all of the devices listed above can be used by making network settings on computers, without distinguishing them from the real ones.