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Simplex 6 Fire Panel Software Test with Custom License

Product overview

The Simplex software security service protects against unauthorized access to Simplex programming tools and applications. The service uses a software license to provide this protection. You can also use this software license to enable various features in these applications. The software license is compatible with legacy versions of Simplex Windows applications.

The new security service uses the software license to emulate
the legacy USB dongle security key, so you can use legacy programs with the new software license, instead of the legacy USB dongle.


Simplex 6  Panels:

  • 4100ES
  • 4010ES
  • 4007ES
  • 4006
  • 4007R
Fire alarm control panels are the heart of a robust and scalable fire and life-safety communications system. Intelligent, configurable, and expandable, they can meet a wide range of customer and building needs.

Next-generation technology that’s robust and cost-effective.

Easy to install, configure, and expand.

A variety of programming options for fast setup and maintenance.

Simplex Fire Control Panels are a device that has a reputation in the world and surpasses many competitors.

As far as we can see, it is highly preferred in Asia, namely Arab countries. The previous version of V5 used Dongle. The innovation that came with Version 6 eliminated the dongle completely. We can say that we had difficulty solving the licensing process made with online licensing.

Panels built with Version 6 should Strictly be served with This Version 6 Software. ES Panel Programmer is produced by Johnson Controls.


Simplex 4100ES Fire Alarm Control Unit
4100ES addressable fire alarm control units support up to 3,000 points, voice communication, suppression release control, IP-based networking, a touch screen interface, and self-testing notification appliances. With scalable architecture and future-proof design, 4100ES control units are ideal for medium to large facilities and multi-building campus-style networks.

What is Fire Alarm System?

The  alarm system is an alarm system that detects a possible fire hazard or the onset of a fire and activates warning systems.

The fire alarm activated by detectors with heat or smoke sensitivity are important protection systems that enable the evacuation of the area in case of danger and prevent loss of life and property with early intervention.

The fire detection system, which is vital in homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals and many other areas, plays an active role in creating a safer environment.