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Maestro Ottimo Cut Test with, Sentinel HL Driverless Dongle Emulator and Clone.

About The Company

SCM Group, operating in Italy, manufactures all the machines that come to mind for the wood industry. Founded in 1935 by Nicola Gemini and Lanfranco Aureli. This company is a company with a lot of history and experience, considering the history of its establishment. In the early days, they started production by producing the saw machines that we all know that cut the wood. Then, with the development of the industry, they came to the position of producing PLC-supported machines. It is known that it has 1000s of customers around the world. In general, they dominate the European sector.
Unfortunately, they were not effective in America, because there is Biesse company in the USA. If compared to Biesse, we can say that Biesse is a few shirts superior.

They produce the main.

  • CNC Machining Centers
  • Edge banders, sizing edge banders
  • Beam saws
  • Drilling solutions
  • Automation systems
  • Throughfeed molders

Industries Served :

  • Wood
  • Advanced materials
  • Plastic
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Metal

Maestro Ottimo Cut

Yes As you can see, a Really Big Company that has developed itself in every aspect. With everything from A to Z, they are able to establish a turnkey factory from scratch. Since what we can tell about the program is limited, I wanted to give you information about the company. The program is an optimization program developed for panel sizing machines.

Limited orders with the incoming software on the machine, all limits are removed thanks to this software. It has many features such as unlimited order entry, Fast Optimization, importing from Excel. In this new version, the feature of transferring to machines such as Giben and Selco has been introduced in addition to SCM. First had this software commissioned by an Italian company SPAI. I still do this firm, I do not have any information about the software, but my predictions are positive in this direction.

Maestro Ottimo Cut