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Siemens Insight 3.13 Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle


APOGEE Go Graphics

Zoom in and out of a graphic to the desired area for a closer look.

The zoom feature is especially helpful for your very large graphics.APOGEE Go Kiosk Mode

APOGEE Go now includes a Kiosk mode which will only show the graphics section (tool bars and the start menu are hidden).

The perfect solution for displaying energy dashboards or green screens ina lobby or other common area.

BACnet Schedule SSTO Save energy by utilizing Start Stop Time Optimization (SSTO) on your HVAC schedules. SSTO uses an algorithm to determine the optimum time to start\ stop a system to ensure the space temperature is at the desired setpoint.

APOGEE Go Scalable Graphics APOGEE Go Graphics automatically scale to fit your web browser window. View the entire graphic in a single view without having to scroll.

Programable TECs and Unitary Equipment Controller Configuration Edit points and programs in

Programmable TECs (PTECs) and Unitary Equipment Controllers (UECs) right from the device definition window inSystem Profile.Enhanced Graphics Option The Enhanced Graphics Option is now part of the Advance Server graphics package.

You can create better looking graphics and dashboards with the Enhanced Graphics Option controls.

Point Hover in Program Editor Point Hover functionality has been expanded to now include the point name and some local variables to aid further in refining and troubleshooting your control programs.

Siemens Insight 3.13 Sentinel

Insight Revision 3.13 Look What’s New!

Get ready for the latest advances and enhancements of Insight Revision 3.13.

We want to reward your continuing investment by making your facility operations run even easier! You will see the difference in productivity and efficiency.

Siemens Insight 3.13 Sentinel

APOGEE Insight BACnet Client & Server Option Description BACnet is a data communication

protocol for building automation and control networks supported by numerous component manufacturers and facility systems providers.

Developed by ASHRAE (theAssociation of Heating,

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), an international organizationof the facilities industry,

it was designed to provide astandard for communications between contro lofferings. Option for Insight 3.2 Advance or Base Client capabilities: Insight will be able tomonitor, command, and receive alarm information regarding BACnet points.

Server capabilities:

  • Insight will route APOGEE point information to BACnet devices for monitoring, commanding, and alarming.
  • Ethernet will be used as the communicationmedia.
  • ApplicationsThe BACnet Client & Server Option for Insight 3.2provides for monitoring and commanding of BACnet supportive devices and points providing the ability to: merge control of multiple BACnet systems anddevices through a single Insight operator workstation.
  • Expand the existing system with either APOGEE devices or BACnet devices without replacing the existing system.Operator Interface
  • The BACnet Client Option allows the Insight operatorto monitor and command BACnet points from Insight graphics and point commander.

Siemens Insight 3.13 Sentinel

BACnet alarms will appear in the alarm application. BACnet points can beused in dynamic trends.

BACnet device network status will appear on the System Profile.

The BACnet Server Option will allow third partyBACnet systems to view, command and receive alarms for APOGEE points through APOGEE Insight.

The functionality at the third party workstation isdependent upon the third party system.

Software The BACnet Client & Server Option requires the following software: Insight version 3.2 or higher BACnet Client & Server Option Specifications

Objects: Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value,Binary Input,

Binary Output, Binary Value,Multistate Input, Multistate Output, Device,Notification Class Functionality: Monitoring, commanding, alarming Data link: Ethernet, BACnet/IP.